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Making Movies by Remote Control




The Picture Moving Company

In conjunction with leading production facilitators and edit houses, The Picture Moving Company has developed a World Beating Electronic File Transfer service.

For Castings, Locations, Rushes, Directorís Cuts, Interim & Final Approval, etc.

Using ISDN/Satellite/Internet to send Still & Moving Pictures and Sound, from Cape Town South Africa to anywhere in the world, at any level of quality from Approval to Broadcast & Master.

The Picture Moving Company can also assist you by Importing any Audio or Video material from anywhere in the world to Cape Town for inclusion in your production/edit.

Transfer systems available:-


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FTP for large files and those users who have access to FTP servers.


nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) e-mail to (multiple) authorised e-mail addresses for short clips up to 45 sec.


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Hosted Web-Sites for all other applications, allowing authorised users to pull down the material they need to see or hear via



nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) Optional 128-bit encoding for maximum security.


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Telestream ClipMail Pro:-

We are members of the world-wide ClipMail Pro Global Service Network.

This enables us to send and receive high quality video and sound, over high-speed

lines, to and from more than 50 bureaus in major cities in more than 10 countries.

This is an international door-to-door, tape-to-tape, electronic transfer service.


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We are the Cape Town leg of the international Beam.TV service which facilitates

Electronic File Transfer and ClipMail transfers, to more than 30 high-end facilities

in more than 8 countries. This is a door-to-door, File/Tape/CD-R/DvD transfer service.

The Picture Moving Company was started during September 1999.
The original objective was to provide South African Producers and Production Facilitators with high speed links to export Sound, and Still and Moving Pictures, from Cape Town South Africa to their clients any-where in the world.
This was quickly extended to provide facilities to import Sound Tracks, Guide Tracks, Graphics, Logo’s, and Still & Moving Pictures and reference material, from clients or production facilities any-where in the world to Cape Town South Africa.

Initially The Picture Moving Company used ISDN lines and FTP servers.

This system enabled users oversea with fast lines (E1,T1) to pull down even quite large files quickly from our FTP Server.
However, not all internet users can access FTP Servers, (for safety & security reasons) and not all clients oversea have access to fast lines!
So the original concept was quickly extended into the development of sophisticated compression techniques that would enable short-length hi-value clips to be e-mailed to one or any number of authorised recipients.
This system works very well for short clips, and is very cost-effective, as it costs no more to send an e-mail to 5 recipients than it costs to send to only one recipient!

It is also possible to send the e-mail to ourselves and to our client (proof of despatch!)

However, many users have quite small mail-boxes, and this led to development of the "Hosted Web Site".

The Picture Moving Company  has its own FTP, Mail and Web servers, so we can create a web-site especially for a project.

Our client in South Africa and the user(s) oversea are given this unique web-site address and only they know about the special hosted web site. Now they can access their unique web-site, in the same way that they would access any other site on the world wide web, but no-one else even knows that it exists.

The web-site is closed down when the project is completed.


Since inception, The Picture Moving Company  has offered 128-bit encoding on all files for maximum privacy and security.
These encoded files can be quickly decoded by authorised persons who have been given the de-code key, and cannot be viewed by any-one else!


The Picture Moving Company came to the film and TV production industry, not with a linear (tape-based) approach, but with a non-linear (computer-based) approach.


Endemic to the approach of The Picture Moving Company is 
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) Any picture is only an analogue picture until it hits the chip, (in the camera, or in the telecine), after that it is a large lump of (digital) data.
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) Any audio is only analogue audio until it hits the recorder (DAT,A-DAT,CD,etc), after that it is a smaller lump of (digital) data.
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) Any Analogue or Digital (video/audio)(tape/disc) material can be encoded to MPEG1, MPEG2, or MPEG3.
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) MPEG files are universally decodable, and viewable, on any PC running Windows95 or higher. ( did us all a favour!)
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) Because everything is data, it is possible to transfer this data to and from any-where in the world, using conventional and existing data transfer systems, techniques and technologies. (e.g. Internet/Satellite/etc)
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) It is no longer necessary to transmit information in ‘real-time’. Expensive real-time full-bandwidth satellite-links can now be replaced by affordable ‘store-and-forward’ technology, Sending/receiving the data over the best available connection, as fast as that connection will allow, over an acceptable period of time. This may take a little longer, but it will save a bundle of money.
All the information is available, for as long as it needs to be available, at any time, from any place, which is not necessarily so with a satellite transmission!
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) All data is, or can be, ‘Random Accessible’.
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) Contrast this with the linear ‘tape-based’ approach.
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) Why should a client oversea have to ‘fast-forward’ through what he/she DOES NOT want to see?
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) When he/she should be able to ‘pick’ what he/she DOES want to see, and should be able to random-access the information, at increasing levels of detail/content/resolution.


Experience gained over the period since The Picture Moving Company commenced operations has more than vindicated this approach:-

nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) It is no longer necessary to incur the costs, risks, and delays associated with shipping video tapes of Casting Sessions, Daily Rushes, Director's Cuts, Final Approvals, or any other audio or video material.
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) Time-Frames have been dramatically shortened.
What used to take several days to get approval is now possible in a few hours.
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) Multiple copies of tapes, and the associated costs of producing these tapes and the risks and delays of shipping these tapes have now been relegated to the status of ‘follow-up’ to the electronic file transfer.
nullet.jpg (5849 bytes) All the people who should be involved in the production/approval process can now be involved, no matter where they are in the world, or what time of day it is, because everything they need to see or hear is either in their mail-box, and/or on our FTP Server, and/or on a special website dedicated to their production, and available to them, and only to them, very quickly when they need it.


The Picture Moving Company is connected by high-speed leased lines, directly into a National leased-line and satellite network, and Internationally via Intelsat, directly into the backbone of the internet in Washington DC, USA.


(See diagram of SDN national/international network).


Since 80% of internet traffic goes through the USA, all countries have strong, fast links to the USA, and this will provide clients oversea with the fastest access possible to our FTP Server and/or special websites.


In May 2001, 

The Picture Moving Company
became the first facility in South Africa  to join the global network 
of Telestream service bureauís

This network allows filmmakers 
and production companies to send dailies,
approval video, master audio tapes 
and any digital files for immediate review 
rather than the traditional overnight SA/UK delivery 
or the three days required internationally. 
Additionally, giving producers the ability
to shoot in locations that normally would not 
be considered due to time, and distance problems.
With the companyís new ClipMail Pro service network,
creative collaboration
need no longer have geographical
or delivery limitations. 

This is an International door-to-door, tape-to-tape Electronic Transfer Service.

See:- 'Make Time Zones Work For You!'



In July 2001 


and The Picture Moving Company  became the Cape Town leg of the international Beam.TV service 

which facilitates Electronic File Transfer and ClipMail transfers, to more than 30 high-end facilities

in more than 8 countries. This is a door-to-door, File/Tape/CD-R/DvD transfer service.




For more up-to-date information about the services and opportunities provided 


The Picture Moving Company, 

 Please contact the Production Company or Edit House

on whose Showreel/CD-Rom/Website this appears


contact us directly at:- 

"The Picture Moving Company", Cape Town, South Africa.

83 Kloof Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa.

P.O. Box 3010, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa.

Tel:- +27 21 423 7927  Fax:- +27 21 423 7944

Cel:- +27 83 708 7387


ClipMail:- (Member of the ClipMail Pro Global Service Network)

FTP:- (Port 1025 = Universal Access), (Other Access Details On Request)



(Productions) (Castings) 

(Technical Services) (International Transfers)
Two demonstrations that changed the way 



 International Production 

is handled.




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1999 DEMO 

"The Picture Moving Company" 

1999  DEMO

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The Picture Moving Company
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